Is it time to build the Canadian Shield?

Understanding The Canadian Shield

This strategy is designed to shield Canadians and our economy from both COVID and the unintended consequences of the fight against COVID.

Determined action over the next few weeks could save 5,000 lives, create 320,000 jobs, and generate $37 B of economic growth in 2021 compared to Canada’s present, failing COVID mitigation strategy.

For decision-makers, there are 3 key actions:

  • Sustain an effective lockdown until COVID cases are low enough that testing, tracing and isolation can work effectively.
  • Relax restrictions only to the extent that new COVID cases continue a steady decline of 17% - 25% per week. In the fight against COVID, if you are not winning (i.e., new cases are not going steadily down) you are losing. Any new increases will likely lead to a 3rd set of lockdowns in the spring.
  • Proactively assist the individuals, businesses and communities most affected by these policies.
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CovidStrategicChoices is an initiative to further analyze, deliberate and define the ideal strategy to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. The members of this initiative are listed below.

Considering the key choices available to Canada, we seem to have three distinct paths forward; i) the current path (which is faltering), ii) much stricter measures (much like the Melbourne Model) and lastly, iii) the Canadian Shield model (a strategic choice tabled by our group of experts).

Browse our thought process behind the Canadian Shield below:

[3 pages] Should we consider the Canadian Shield?

[13 pages] Will the Canadian Shield lockdown policy save jobs in Ontario?

[7 pages] Economic analysis of the different strategies

[12 pages] International best practices for managing COVID

Should we consider the Canadian Shield?

[Key summary in first 3 pages]
A summary for decision makers, journalists and others. Overview of the current path, recommended path and key differences in outcomes (deaths, economic impact, etc.)

Will the Canadian Shield lockdown policy save jobs in Ontario?

[13 pages]
Comparing the costs to the Ontario economy of continuing to follow a mitigation policy modeled after the policies from early 2020, or alternatively adopting the “Canadian Shield” strategy with stricter restrictions in the early months of 2021 in order to avoid additional waves of lockdown later in the spring.

Economic analysis of the different strategies

[7 pages]
Limestone Analytics, together with economists from Queen’s University, developed the Short-Term Under-capacity Dynamic Input-Output (STUDIO) model to measure the economic impact of COVID-19.

International best practices for managing COVID

[33 pages]
Should Canada Go For Zero? Global Best Practices, TANZANC Democracies & Lessons For Canada

Who’s involved in this conversation

Please note that these members are serving in their individual capacities and though this group endorses this initiative and the Canadian Shield strategy, not every member will be in agreement with every observation and recommendation.

Tasha Ayinde

Associate Director, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill Un...

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André Beaulieu

SVP Corporate Services, Bell Canada

Professor Christopher Cotton

Jarislowsky-Deutsch Chair in Economic & Financial Policy, Professor of...

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Professor Caroline Colijn

Canada 150 Research Chair in Mathematics for Infection, Evolution and ...

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Marion Crowe

Chief Executive Officer, First Nations Health Managers Association

Dr. Irfan Dhalla

Medical Doctor and Associate Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public He...

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Justin Ferbey

Deputy Minister, Department of Economic Development, Yukon Government

Robert Greenhill

former Deputy Minister, Professor of Practice McGill University, Execu...

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Professor Blayne Haggart

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Department of Polit...

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Brett House

Vice-President and Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank

Ryan Imgrund

Biostatistician and educator

Jack Jedwab

President of the Association for Canadian Studies

Dr. Jaspreet Khangura

Emergency Physician and Clinical Lecturer in the University of Alberta...

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Dr. Jeff Kwong

Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Dalla L...

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Dr. Christopher McCabe

Executive Director and CEO, Institute of Health Economics

Dr. Andrew Morris

Infectious Diseases Specialist, Sinai Health and University Health Net...

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Jean-Paul R. Soucy

Studying for a Doctoral degree in infectious disease epidemiology at t...

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Professor Ashleigh Tuite

Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of...

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