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Coronavirus has put many people’s lives in danger. Millions of people have been affected by the virus many people died. The economic condition of countries became poor, and it affected people’s jobs.

Pandemic is nothing new. In the past as well, humans faced pandemics. Here are some books on the pandemic that can help you to cope with the new world.

Psychological Effects of a Pandemic

By – Robert Ledward

The coronavirus has taught new ways of leaving. Wearing masks, staying in isolation, sanitizing frequently, and other actions are now very common. These life changes, especially social distancing and staying in isolation, have affected us mentally. Many people have lost their loved ones because of the pandemic.

This has created tremendous mental stress, and many people are finding it hard to deal with. This book will help you to turn your fear into something positive so that you can survive. You will learn about the psychological effects of a pandemic and tips on how to overcome anxiety.

The Ghost Map

By – Steven Johnson

There was an epidemic in London in August 1854. People there suddenly started becoming sick and dying. They had stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. It was the cholera outbreak, and people were dying fast. In 24 hours, 70 people died. The book is about the outbreak of Cholera in London.


By – Richard Preston

The Ebola virus came from the rainforests of Africa. People started containing the virus and spreading it to others. The health workers had to work hard to prevent the spread of the virus. In this book, you will learn about the events that took place during the outbreak of the Ebola virus.


By – Gina Kolata

The flu started in 1918 in Europe. It was called the Spanish flu, which killed more people than what was killed during the Great War. The flu affected the lungs, and people died of the infection. This book is about this flu that killed a lot of people in Europe within a short time.

Reading these books will give you an idea about what different pandemics and epidemics occurred in the past. You will know about the viruses and the steps that prevent the further spread of the virus.