Activities To Prevent Next Pandemic

Activities To Prevent Next Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating effect on our lives. The hospitalization and economic recovery efforts cost trillions of dollars. Public health experts have researched and found out that protecting nature will lead to saving the global economy and people’s lives. Here are some ways it’s possible.

Reduce deforestation

Reduce deforestation - Activities To Prevent Next Pandemic

The number of cases of animal-borne viruses is expected to grow over the next decade. One of the major reasons for it is deforestation. Agricultural expansion and development are the main causes of this disease.

As humans get deeper into the forest that was undisturbed before, they are coming more into contact with the animals and diseases. This is called ‘virus spill over’, and it can happen if someone goes hunting or shops at a wild animal or fish market. So, reducing deforestation can prevent the spread of animal-borne viruses.

Reduce the wildlife trade

Markets where wild animals are sold have been the origin of COVID-19, SARS, and other virus outbreaks. There is high demand for wild animal delicacies and the exotic pet industry. Every year the global wildlife trade results in US$23 billion. This money comes at the expense of public health.

During the wild animal trade, one species come in contact with another, and diseases start spreading. When these animals are traded to other countries, the diseases turn into a pandemic. China has already announced a ban on wildlife trade and consumption.

Early virus detection

Early virus detection - Activities To Prevent Next Pandemic

More research must be done to detect the viruses early. COVID-19 started spreading in November 2019 in China. But the first case was detected on December 31, 2019. If the virus can be detected early, better precautions can be taken to stop the spread of the virus.

If these steps can be taken there, then there may not be any pandemics in the future. Even if there is, government and other associations will be able to handle them in a better way without incurring so much cost and losing so many lives.

So, we must stop cutting trees to make roads and buildings, not buy or consume wild animals and focus on more research works to prevent a further pandemic.